The pharmaceutical conspiracies: GcMAF – Lynda Thyer – Big Pharma and the little scientist

All the Goss

There is no evidence that Lynda Thyer is a witch – quite the opposite – but she is the victim of a witch-hunt. If you do not know who Lynda Thyer is, you are not alone, especially if you live north of the capital. In August 2019 she was ensconced in the overcrowded French Fleury-Mérogis prison on the outskirts of Paris having been extradited from the UK with little, if any, questioning from mainstream media, the legal profession or parliament. Today she remains in prison, a vulnerable woman, sick and, according to family sources, undergoing physical and psychological torture from prison authorities.

Quietly extradited from the UK, no case has been brought against her, and she is about to spend her second Christmas in jail. If France and the UK were impoverished states run by dictators this gross mistreatment of a scientist might be better understood.


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