Of coincidences and conspiracies

The Gold Standard

A good friend called me yesterday and spoke at length on the difference between reasonable contrarian views and ‘unconventional wisdom’ and ‘conspiracy theories’. He took the liberty of cautioning me against veering off into the latter. He meant well. I have grappled with this question myself and continue to grapple with it. I still maintain that the bar for sharing some of these views in public must be quite high because the world may simply not be ready to hear it. Further, and more importantly, one has to be reasonably convinced oneself that the hypothesis looks highly plausible and that it is important enough to be aired.

Having said that, I do realise that it is not that easy to marshal proof or evidence in favour of such theories. By the very nature of such theories or hypotheses, they are impossible. So, there is an inevitable leap of faith in…

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