Why should you take a vaccine if you have natural immunity?

The pandemic. A pandemic means wholesale exposure. The present case-demic supports this. Thousands of us have been exposed to Covid, the majority with no, mild or moderate symptoms, exposure nonetheless identified by testing.

Natural exposure and recovery implies a degree of natural immunity.

So why should anyone knowingly exposed to Covid and asymptomatic or recovered, need a vaccine?

2 thoughts on “Why should you take a vaccine if you have natural immunity?

  1. I’ve been pondering this question a lot lately. I keep hearing that scientists are unsure if having had Covid or been exposed to it means you are immune to it, but if that’s the case than why would a vaccine offer anything better? The whole narrative now is on people getting the vaccine and you’ll be labeled a bad person if you’re skeptical about it just like the while disturbing good vis bad person narrative over masks.

    1. It would seem odd that anyone who had had Covid or been exposed to it was not immune, at least for a time, because that is our usual response to infection. However if Covid was manufactured then I suppose it could act differently. Is that what they are saying – that Covid is not natural and works entirely differently? And as you said why should a vaccine be any different. But the narrative also appears to deliberately generate confusion and refuse to answer legitimate questions with facts. It feels like we are being railroaded to take a vaccine – against a flu for goodness sake. It makes no sense and points to an ulterior motive. Perhaps everyone should pray for the truth to be revealed as we are certainly being lied to.

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