WATCH: Trump’s Censored Speech — OffGuardian

The Most Revolutionary Act

The media refusing to air the President’s allegations of vote rigging is an open display of who REALLY runs the country

On Wednesday, December 2nd Donald Trump – the sitting President of the United State of America – released a 46 minute recorded speech. In an alarming display of co-ordinated censorship, much of the media simply refused to air it.

In the speech [on the Off Guardian site],  he details all the suspicious behaviour surrounding the November 3rd election, as well as showing charts of evidence of peculiar activity in the vote counts of key swing states.

None of the major networks aired it in full. CNN simply refused to broadcast even clips, instead letting the millionaire son of a political dynasty lecture the viewing public in a bizarre ten-minute long abuse-laden rant.

Twitter and Facebook stuck “fact-check” warnings under anyone attempting to share it while papers like the

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4 thoughts on “WATCH: Trump’s Censored Speech — OffGuardian

  1. Weeks AFTER the (haha) election – my wife and son have been getting “junk” absentee ballot crap in the mail.

    Never Have I Ever received anything of the sort.

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