Forecast errors are imperial and other links

The Gold Standard

Some very useful updates related to Covid-19, in no particular order of importance. But, the subject matter relevant to the title of this blog post is item (10) below:

(1) Charts of countries that followed strict lockdown, mild lockdown or even no lockdown – are converging and will eventually converge. That is the point that Johan Giesecke (former chief epidemiologist in Sweden) made in his interview with Freddie Sayers of way back in April 2020.

Just two examples: check out the charts on these tweets:; (

(2) Switzerland broke its second wave with no lockdown ( – you can choose the English translation on your browser

(3) On deaths attributed to deaths, pl. read up on how rules concerning accounting for fatalities were changed in the United States and in the UK.

(4) The funny part of the tragedy of this is that the official narrative is…

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