How to manufacture a COVID-1984 crisis?

I was as shocked by the fact the Daily Mail published the article, as I was by the information in it. Essentially, it shows that a COVID-1984 crisis is being manufactured to justify a second lockdown of Britain. People are screaming that hospitals are being overrun and people are dropping on like flies from COVID. The projected deaths are being exaggerated to create terror.

Because, the facts tell a different story, and you can be sure of one thing, the facts are not just being twisted in Britain.

Yes, people are dying, but not as many as you think. But the more important question is who is dying and why. And the answers to those questions will reveal who needs to be protected.

The Daily Mail explains:

So who is Covid-19 killing?

To put it simply, the victims are overwhelmingly the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. 

Of the 37,470…

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