Colds may result in an immunity to COVID

A recent study by Public Health England discovered that upwards of 25% of Brits may already have a natural immunity to COVID having previously caught a common cold virus similar to the coronavirus.

The Daily Mail explains:

Natural immunity to the coronavirus could be twice as common as experts believed, according to a Public Health England study.  

Researchers at PHE found T-cells – a key part of the immune system – in a far higher number of people than expected.

The cells are vital for destroying human cells that have been infected with coronavirus to stop them going on to infect others – antibodies and other parts of the immune system can’t get to the virus once it gets this far in.

The research, among 2,847 key workers from the NHS, police and fire service in June, found that 25 per cent of participants had high levels of T-cells…

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2 Replies to “Colds may result in an immunity to COVID”

  1. Yes but people here (speaking about myself at least) are afraid to cough or sneeze due to the confrontations that may ensue.
    No – not me, not really.
    Hell, I don’t see anyone staring at me because I don’t wear a face diaper either. Nobody seems to care.
    Well, except that sooo many people are wearing these stupid masks.

    1. Winter is going to be fun. People will soon discover wearing a mask over already blocked airways is far from harmless. Expect an epidemic of Mr Hydes.

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