Labour – J’accuse!

The Slog

Before we get into the meat of this one, let me just point out one insight that may have passed people by.

There is very obviously a widespread psychographic of risk-averse hypochandriacs abroad in the British population. You only have to look at the ease with which these easily frightened folks soaked up the Brexit scaremongering and Covid hyparanoia respectively to reach that conclusion. Let’s face it, if you’re too scared to cut the umbilical cord to the Titanic, and you run a mile from a virus that has a 1 in 6000 chance of killing healthy people under 45, then there is no escaping your membership of a very clear typology.

You’re what we social segmentation pyschologists call a yahboo-scaredybairn.

So why, I ask myself, are you so keen to take a genuine “vaccination” risk that pans out as follows…..

  • Launched by a manufacturing sector that has been given…

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