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This doesn’t happen very often to me these days, so I’m going to run this piece while the news is hot.

I just got a leak from a major UK research company, and this is the profoundly depressing reaction of Tory voters:

This won’t be an exclusive for long, so I’ll keep my reaction brief.

  • The so-called vaccines are messengers releasing part of an RNA* message into the human blood stream. This allegedly produces a 95% rate of immunity. There is no data AT ALL about what happens after that stimulation of antibodies has been achieved
  • *RNA is the virus equivalent of human DNA
  • The people trying this experiment out on you rather than in the lab have 100% immunity from prosecution
  • To put 60% of bozos at risk for the sake of a virus that kills 64 people in 100,000 sets a new bar in depraved Pharma marketing
  • It…

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