Political Pandemic


Professor Anthony Brookes, Geneticist and Health Data Scientist at Leicester University in the UK, speaks with Julia Hartley-Brewer for almost 12 minutes on talkRadio at the below link. Julia is a force of common sense and investigative journalism.

The main points I get from this interview are:

  1. Natural infection of the non-vulnerable (in this case, of the young and healthy) protects the most vulnerable [an uncontroversial public health phenomenon pre-2020];
  2. Mass screening via Boris Johnson’s “Moonshot” project is unviable, ineffective and inappropriate; it will not provide population level protection; and it comes at a cost of six times the annual UK Police Force budget or almost the entire annual National Health Service budget;
  3. Decisions being made are political and not evidence based, with government ministers misrepresenting data for unknown motives, creating excessive and unnecessary fear in the population;
  4. Applying the new and accurate lateral flow tests to vulnerable…

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