Dr. Pascal Sacré – dismissed for speaking truth to power

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My most recent blog-post contains a link to the most excellent work Dr. Pascal Sacré has done in revealing to the world the shortcomings of the RT-PCR test (currently being used to test for COVID-19). This eminent doctor is one of Belgium’s front-line emergency resuscitators and one of the 674 doctors who signed an Open Letter to all Belgian authorities and media questioning the medical science behind the extreme measures imposed on all Belgium people.

We all need to ask who has the power to dismiss so many front-line doctors for telling the truth. Whoever has that power knows that by sacking them other doctors will be frightened to speak out. In health-systems throughout the world, that are often stretched to breaking point, this is a criminal act. And the criminals should be made to pay for their crimes.

I have already covered the plight of Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil…

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