Road Charging Moves Closer


By Paul Homewood


As I have been saying for years, the government would have little choice but to go for road charges to replace the lost fuel tax once EVs took over.

It was always inconceivable that electricity could be taxed in the same way, as it would generate massive energy poverty and would obviously discriminate against poorer non-car households.

Equally to raise £40bn from other taxes would be political suicide.

In my view, road charging could become the equivalent of the next government’s poll tax. In theory of course, it only swaps one tax for another, but so did the poll tax.

One particular consequence is that all cars would pay the same rate, disadvantaging drivers of smaller, more economic cars which would use less fuel.

In any event, it is inevitable that the revenue from road charging would quickly outstrip current revenue from fuel duty. Quite apart…

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2 thoughts on “Road Charging Moves Closer

  1. Doesn’t the UK have a tv tax in place?
    Just owning a tv costs a person money – nevermind watching it.

    And here I thought taxation was out of control in the good ol US of A

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