VIRUSECRECY: British Medical Journal slams UK Covid19 ‘corrupt’ censors

The Slog

Last Friday (which was the 13th, by the way), the British Medical Journal published an OpEd from Executive Editor Kamran Abbasi. Headed Covid19: politicisation , “corruption” and suppression of science, to call it a scathing view of Britain’s Covid “policy” does it no justice at all. It is a demolition of greedy corporatocracy killing the infrastructure of public health provision in the UK.

The piece’s subhead – ‘When good science is suppressed by the medical-political complex, people die’ – is an excellent intro to the main content.

The BMJ is a weekly peer-reviewed medical trade journal, published by the British Medical Association, but with complete editorial freedom from it. Founded in 1840, it is hugely influential around the world, and recognised by medical workers at all levels as a definitive voice in British healthcare.

I am devoting most of this morning’s post to a reproduction of the article…

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