A false pandemic of bribes

All the Goss

Those with their ears to the ground, and eyes on the ball, know that something happened this year that has never happened before. Virtually the whole world has bought into a pandemic of fear, social exclusion, ritualistic mask-wearing and government-directed, self-imposed imprisonment. How was this engineered?

At national government level pressure was put on world leaders to accept a bribe which involved its citizens locking-down, wearing masks and adhering to curfews. We know this from the way Russia Today went from being boastful about how the Russian nation had contained COVID-19 to going into lockdown with virtually all the news footage depicting people in masks, with a new narrative direction in line with the rest of Europe.

The bribery was further endorsed when Alexandr Lukashenko, president of Belarus, told the world that he had turned down a bribe from the World Bank. This was another story that never would…

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