Useful idiots at the BBC will wind up killing us all

The Slog

The Slog examines the robotic collaborationism of the BBC in the context of a genuine signpost moment for the human race.

Last night – for the first time in months – I zapped the Channel changer to see what the BBC had to say about stuff….purely out of curiosity, he added defensively.

I stuck it for about ten minutes, and then a foul mélange of rage and fear made me press the zapper on the ‘anywhere but here’ principle. What got to me wasn’t just the assumptive nature of the Outside Sources anchor (Trump has lost, and we’re also thrilled to see a Covid19 vaccine) but the way in which every (im)possibly contrary opinion was ‘framed’.

I first discovered the term ‘framed’ in late 1971, as the Nixon White House began it’s CREEP* run-in under Haldeman and Ehrlichman….both of whom had worked for the ad agency J Walter Thompson –…

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