Is the premature congratulation of Joe Biden backfiring?

The Slog

“Seriously folks, it’s this big….”


US Attorney General William Barr yesterday gave the go-ahead for federal prosecutors to pursue “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities during last week’s presidential election.

Obviously, Barr’s is a political appointment, but Unrejected President Donald Trump is now forcing the US State’s legal infrastructure to move beyond frivolous dismissal, and start investigating….even if the MSM is still a tad behind the music:

I may vomit.

All claims will remain either ‘totally without foundation’ or ‘absolutely true’ until an objective arm of law enforcement moves in to take a closer look. The history of our century thus far is that swamps don’t drain themselves…and myths become facts thanks to the somewhat limp rule of law and the flaccid members of the Fourth Estate.

Throughout his first term as President, Donald Trump was permanently hogtied by the appointees who shadowed him…

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