The political-covid-cult-grinches stealing Christmas

First a sob story. As a child I didn’t like Christmas. By the time I was 7 I had given up on the idea. Christmas of course is a wonderful time for children, the highlight of the year. A bit like that ancient Roman festival where for a day the role of slave and master was reversed. A traditional religious festival but from kids perspective Santa Claus magically fulfilling their deepest wants represents a brief window on heaven on earth. And families take great joy in the celebration and seeing their children deliriously happy for one day.

But my parents were older than usual and way more intelligent. From the perspective of mature, very intelligent adults, high on logic, low on emotion and without a nurturant bone in their body, children qua children are all idiots. Unable to make the imaginative leap into the mind of a small child and what she would actually want I received the normal gifts that any idiot-due-to-immaturity 4/5/6 year old was supposed to like. Not what I desired with all my heart and mind – books, toys that did things, toys to build things, competitive games and target sports. But girls are en-cultured to be passive. Dolls, hair brushes, combs, and mirrors, just the thing to make an ugly child feel good about herself.

The point is if your normal life isn’t too bad you can feel pretty content from day to day. But raise expectations, cultivate hope, then when those hopes are disappointed you are more miserable than if you didn’t have those expectations in the first place. A particular form of abuse is raising expectations then deliberately dashing them.

An even uglier political technique is degrading the high points, the iconic festivals of a particular culture. To attack the culture, to spoil the celebration and attach unhappy feelings to the occasion so that people reject the event, to demoralise a subject populace. Stealing joy, individual and collective is a slavers tactic.

Since when has flu ever negatively impacted Christmas, individually or collectively? Covid-19 is not the Black Death, it is not cholera, typhoid or Ebola. Whatever the Coronavirus is or isn’t it is not setting out to ruin Christmas. Our politicians, politicians who do not represent us and I do wonder who they do represent, definitely are.

Even if Lockdown 2 was reasonable, the method of taping off parts of supermarkets selling so-called “inessential” goods is more than ludicrous. There is also a major inconsistency – Amazon is permitted to continue to sell all the inessential goods it likes. If I want I can buy books from Amazon but my local bookstore is compulsorily closed.

We are told the Lockdown may finish at the start of December, this from the same people who lied to the country that the lockdown in March would only be for a couple of weeks to “flatten the curve” and protect the NHS from being overwhelmed. Well the curve was flattened and the NHS along with the Nightingale Hospitals were thoroughly under-whelmed – here we are in November with no guarantee that shops, those still in business, will re-open in December. And now by government diktat we cannot shop early.

2020 has been for most in the country in the Queen’s memorable phrase an annus horribilis. The new deadly pandemic has turned out to be just another nasty flu variant, not an excuse to destroy the country. A happy Christmas at the end of it would bring relief, comfort, a sense of normality and consolation to a populace unjustly beleaguered by its ruling class. But our political leaders with all their lies and false promises are roaring towards this year’s ghastly denouement, their crowning glory, their final triumphant kick in the teeth to the millions of mugs they have been riding rough-shod over for the last year. Think you are citizens? Think this is a democracy, a Christian country where the politicians represent your interests?

Do you feel reassured that the police won’t break up your holiday celebrations if your party accidentally exceeds an arbitrary number, or more than one household mingles, that is if you can even manage to gather the means to have a celebration.

To turn free people into slaves you must break their hearts and break their minds.

No doubt the BBC will broadcast its endless repeats over the coming holiday. I doubt if they will be showing  “It’s a Wonderful Life” but one way or another “How the Grinch Stole Christmas“will be on the programme.


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