The Covid19 Stakes: time for Johnson & Starmer to choose their riders

The Slog

Thus far in these columns, I have had very little to say about the Labour leader Keir Starmer. This is partly because there’s not much one can say about him: he has no charisma, no elucidated vision, no enthusiasm, and even less imagination. He’s the sort of bloke who makes you want to scrawl something backwards on his forehead when he’s asleep, in the hope that he’ll see it in the bathroom mirror later. Something like, I don’t know, “How about a an Opposition policy on Covid19?”

Quite a few in the British pressgang this morning are, unbelievably, congratulating he of the facial flat screen for having “at last” come up with a distinctive Covid policy.

They must be blind….or bought: having spotted that Boris Johnson has overruled the latest Whitty madness, all Starmer has done is side with the Boys from Pharmafia and predict utter disaster unless what Labour…

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