GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)


Palestinian senior official with COVI’D goes to Israeli hospital (Report)

Thailand: Bangkok protests of military grow (Report) King faces problems (Article)

The culture: Facebook/Twitter are pushing Biden, pulling Trump? (Report)

The Government: Budget gap exceeds $3 T in new record (Report)

The election: Bags full of stolen ballots found in Seattle suburb (Report)

U.S. Politics: Pro Trump Free speech Rally attacked by Antifa, BLM (Report)

The culture: Women’s group wins first complaint against transgender, biological males in female sports (Report)

The Election: 353 counties with more registered voters than residents? (Article)

More Election: What Happens If No One Wins? (Article)

The Internet: U.S. sues Google under antitrust laws (Report)

The economy: Robots threaten 800 M jobs (Report)

More Economy: Goldman predicts new job cuts from coming mergers? Acquisitions (Article)

Corruption: Previously nonpartisan election commission now controlled by Democrats (Report) (And Republicans…

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