The Science: Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe

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Written by Dr. Colleen Huber, NMD

At this writing, there is a recent surge in widespread use by the public of facemasks when in public places, including for extended periods of time, in the United States as well as in other countries.

The public has been instructed by media and their governments that one’s use of masks, even if not sick, may prevent others from being infected with SARS-CoV-2, the infectious agent of COVID-19.

A review of the peer-reviewed medical literature examines impacts on human health, both immunological, as well as physiological. The purpose of this paper is to examine data regarding the effectiveness of facemasks, as well as safety data. The reason that both are examined in one paper is that for the general public as a whole, as well as for every individual, a risk-benefit analysis is necessary to guide decisions on if and when to wear a…

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Masks: the snug comfort of denial


On Wednesday 22 July at 11:59pm, mandatory masks for Melbourne and Mitchell Shire commenced, setting a precedent for Australia.

At 11:59pm on Sunday 2 August, the rest of Victoria will follow.

The snug comfort of denial:

Medical research says masks don’t protect the general public against respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.

Misuse or prolonged use of masks risk self-contamination and other health problems.

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Facts about Covid-19—Swiss Policy Research .


July 6, 2020 The background material is available at I forgot to put this on the original blog. Sorry.

Facts about Covid-19

Updated: June 2020

Fully referenced facts about Covid-19, provided by experts in the field, to help our readers make a realistic risk assessment. (Regular updates below)

“The only means to fight the plague is honesty.” (Albert Camus, 1947)


According to the latest immunological and serological studies, the overall lethality of Covid-19 (IFR) is about 0.1% and thus in the range of a strong seasonal influenza (flu).

In countries like the US, the UK, and also Sweden (without a lockdown), overall mortality since the beginning of the year is in the range of a strong influenza season; in countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland, overall mortality is in the range of a mild influenza season.

Even in global “hotspots”, the risk of death for the general population…

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The Spanish Flu Versus Covid-19


Lynne Cohen September 26, 2020—-C2C Journal

We are living in an “unprecedented reality” according to the recent Speech from the Throne. Certainly the effects of Covid-19 have been serious and far-reaching. But unprecedented? Hardly. As difficult as our current situation may seem, it doesn’t hold a candle to the situation 100 years ago when a vastly more terrifying global epidemic struck a far less prepared world. With a second wave of Covid-19 on the horizon, Lynne Cohen takes a close look at the Spanish flu of 1918-20 and finds many stark and revealing differences – as well as some unsettling echoes that suggest while times may change, our fundamental fears do not.Share on facebookShare on FacebookShare on twitterShare on Twitter

What a difference a century makes. The 1918-1920 influenza was the worst known pandemic ever to hit humanity, infecting some500 million people– one-third of the…

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Former Chief Science Officer for MAJOR Pharmaceutical Giant Blows the Whistle on Covid, by Patti Walbridge


There may well not be a second wave of Covid-19. From Patti Walbridge at

Dr. Mike Yeadon might not be savaged quite so hard by the media for stating something about COVID that’s against the fear narrative. Might. The survival rate mirrored the flu when we had numbers 6-8 weeks in. It still does. The virus is similar to the common cold which circulates every year but we don’t close down the United States for that or the flu. They’re all viruses. Some already have immunity from COVID based on previous viruses.

We now have six months of COVID facts

Some are in spite of political manipulation. Dr. Mike Yeadon, the former Pfizer Chief Science Officer says there’s “there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen.” “Almost all” of the latest tests are false positives.

He thinks the pandemic is essentially over, herd immunity has…

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Growing concern about Lockdown from doctors in Belgium

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

19th September 2020

In order to make you aware that there are a growing number of doctors in Europe who feel that Lockdown has been an unmitigated disaster, I have downloaded an open Letter from doctors in Belgium. It can be seen here.

Doctors in other countries e.g. Germany have done much the same thing. I am putting this on my blog so that as many people as possible read it.

Open letter from medical doctors and health professionals to all Belgian authorities and all Belgian media.

We, Belgian doctors and health professionals, wish to express our serious concern about the evolution of the situation in the recent months surrounding the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We call on politicians to be independently and critically informed in the decision-making process and in the compulsory implementation of corona-measures. We ask for an open debate, where all experts are represented without…

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The dangerous link between masks, hypoxia, and cognitive impairment

A Dissenter and Skeptic in Oregon (and beyond!)

You and I, anti-maskers, have our intelligence criticized without end. We are accused of poor thinking, ignorance, idiocy. The default argumentative tactic in virus debates has become the dreaded ad hominem. An attack on the person, not the idea they have presented. Admittedly, I myself slip into it, labeling maskers and lockdowners as stupid, ignorant, dumb. But I wonder if it’s really true that “nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.”

Let’s indulge in some ad hominem.

Despite refutations of pro-maskers, it is a well-established fact as well as being common sense that a face covering makes it harder to breathe and reduces your blood oxygenation. The masks we’re all sold as the gold standard, it is commonly known, reduce your oxygenation by up to 20%. That masks reduce blood O2 has been cited by numerous sources such as OSHA and even professional athletes.

To maskers, it may…

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The lethal link between masks, hypoxia, and blood clots

A Dissenter and Skeptic in Oregon (and beyond!)

An abnormally low level of oxygen in the blood negatively impacts the body in the form of hypoxia, a potentially deadly condition.

Just a 5% drop in blood oxygenation is considered “abnormal” but a 15% reduction will cause noticeable symptoms. These include headaches, dizziness, nausea, and cognitive impairment. Even surgeons can suffer low O2 and associated symptoms merely from wearing a surgical mask. But can hypoxia have more serious side effects?

Air travelers, mountaineers, and climbers are known to suffer an increase in blood clotting issues, namely venous thromboembolisms (VTE) like pulmonary embolism or deep-vein thrombosis. The cause of VTE at altitude is usually inadequate oxygen. High-altitude travel advisories for mile-high cities abound. And blood clots are not a minor affliction; VTE kills 300,000 people a year.

At sea level the air we breathe is 21% oxygen. High altitude where pilots can suffer ill…

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