The Behavioral Model and the Government Pandemic Response

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The United States is the international superpower.  The American way of life is the envy of the world. The plentiful resources and rich heritage of its culture, position this country to succeed where  other nations are  lacking.  Economic and military might vaulted the USA quickly into preeminent leadership in the world of nations. The reaction of the runners-up, to  success and power spawned jealousy.  The United States has many enemies, and anti-American antagonists have been frustrated throughout.  The enemies of the United States, and what it represents, were frustrated and flummoxed.  They could not defeat it from the outside through military attacks, or economic cabals, because the USA was overwhelming them in every arena.

Breaking It Down

 The only avenue available, then, was to go inside, to destabilize the behemoth.  Wreck the supporting structures of a building, and it falls easily.  Whether it is age or brute force, any structure…

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