The Spectator: Top ten COVID data failures

Tom Jefferson & Carl Heneghan recently authored an article for the British newspaper The Spectator about the top ten COVID data failures for that country. In my opinion, most of the mistakes related to changing COVID from a pandemic to panic-demic.

Here are a couple of The Spectator’s choices:

1) Overstating of the number of people who are going to die

This starts with the now-infamous Imperial College London (ICL) ‘Report 9’ that modelled 500,000 deaths if no action was taken at all, and 250,000 deaths if restrictions were not tightened. This set the train of lockdown restrictions in motion. Some argue that Imperial’s modelling may have come true had it not been for lockdown. But this does not explain Sweden. Academics there said its assumptions would mean 85,000 deaths if Sweden did not lock down. It did not – and deaths are just under 6,000.


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