British Rage: Elderly Covid patients refused treatment

According to the Daily Mail, British people are outraged after finding out during the height of COVID outbreak in that country, several hospitals were refusing to send older patients to intensive care for treatment over concern they would overrun hospitals. But at its height only 42% of the ventilator beds were ever used.

It’s alleged, the country’s National Health System (NHS) developed a scoring system for patients. If people’s number were too high, they would not be sent to intensive care, in some instances the hospitals would not even accept them as patients.

People were scored based on their age and frailty. The higher the number the less likely they were to be sent to the hospital. Initially, those over the age of 80 were given a score of nine which immediately disqualified them from intensive hospital care.

People in their 60s and 70s were also being refused when…

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