The tragic sensory impairment of the citizenry

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The gap between the obvious personality typologies “running” our countries, and their pretensions of profound concern for those at risk from Coronavirus, is so vast, one really would have to be Myopic Village Idiot of the Decade not to see it.

Below is an extract from a heart-rending email I received today. I’ve never met this lady, but I do know perfectly well (being myself in the eighth decade) that I have five cancer-suffering friends all of whom are receiving this risible level of “care” from our much-lauded National Health “Service”.

As well as being left to rot by an NHS admin Class unable to grasp the difference between 3 days in bed from Coronavirus and death, the woman concerned has also been active for many years in those movements like BackTo60 and WASPI .

The main point of this post is to give you all a glimpse of the…

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2 Replies to “The tragic sensory impairment of the citizenry”

    1. And in UK under pretext of Covid hospitals and GPs have virtually shut down. Seems we are being encouraged to die off naturally of heart attacks, strokes, cancer, etc – in case we get flu.

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