Stop the Nonsense


How is this normal or acceptable?

Hi ya folks. I just want to say. It’s just been like a prison in here. We’re shut down. We can’t see our family. And I think when you’re my age, you deserve to see your family. And so what you want is a lot of happy faces, round about you. So please try and help, and do all you can. There must be loads of others like me, waiting to see their bairns…. I’ve got good carers, and the staff is really good here, the food is good, everything… But this is what you want, your bairn in front of you, when you’re old.

In late 1889, a new virus killed 2m people. It affected the old and men more than the young and women. It returned for a smaller 2nd wave in late 1890. Genomic evidence suggests it was OC43, a…

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