MA Gov. Baker Pushes Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” Vaccine Plan, as Doctors Call for Nuremberg Trials Over “Orchestrated” COVID Panic

Coronavirus News

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has detailed a plan to distribute a coronavirus vaccine as soon as it is available, as recommended in President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed plan.

WBUR Boston reports:

“Massachusetts has filed an interim plan for distributing coronavirus vaccines, as required by the CDC.  The state plan follows the CDC’s playbook…Pfizer, one of the first four companies expected to release vaccines, said yesterday that it may submit data to the Food and Drug Administration for review by mid-November. FDA officials have said it could take weeks to review that data and determine if a vaccine is safe and effective. Pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, are producing mass quantities of their vaccine in anticipation of approval.”

In August Gov. Baker mandated that all Massachusetts schoolchildren, K-12, college, and university, would have to take flu shots in order to attend school.  The mandate has sparked a backlash among parents against…

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