Britain: The devastating medical impact of lockdowns

Lockdowns have resulted in the cancellation of 50,000 Children surgeries in Britain

More news on the negative fallout from the COVID lockdowns as they dramatically impacted the delivery of health care services in Britain. It is being reported that the number of people in Britain who died at home during the COVID lockdown is up 25,000 over last year with only a couple thousand attributed to the virus.

It has left many wondering again if the lockdown cure is worse than the disease it’s supposed to be fighting.

The report reveals the medical devastation attributed to the lockdowns. Breitbart explains:

But it was the audit of several dozens of reports by health professionals, charities, and medical journals by the Daily Mail that revealed in full the staggering effect that the lockdown has had on non-COVID-19 patients.

The report noted a Lancet paper stating that during the three months of lockdown…

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