Lockdowns, Masks and the Law


Such an amazing presentation by Serene Teffaha who joined Molly from Health Australia Party to discuss Government restrictions and mandatory interventions. It gave me some sorely needed hope that this coronavirus scam-demic and the illegality of the restrictions imposed on us particularly in Victoria may be exposed.

Serene explains the Biosecurity Act 2015 and its powers in response to the coronavirus hysteria. Five months into the chaos she asks:

Is it still a nationally significant risk? What have we learnt? What do we know about this virus?

What is the biosecurity Act?

The Biosecurity Act 2015, an Act of the Parliament of Australia which manages biosecurity risks in Australia was enacted on 16 June 2015. The 2015 Biosecurity Act aims to manage biosecurity threats to human, animal and plant health.

In early March the Australian government announced its intention to use powers under the Biosecurity Act in response to the coronavirus outbreak.


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