What COVID Teaches Us About Big Tech (The Blog Post the Government Made Me Take Down)

New Intrigue

In April, I published the following blog post here on my personal blog New Intrigue and on the Oxford Political Review.

A few months later, I was told to take down the post or get fired from my then job as a public servant in the Australian Federal Government.

Although the post had no criticism of the government or government policy, I was told that it could jeopardize the government’s work with the big tech companies. I was also told that all future writing would have to go through my boss or a senior colleague for approval.

I resigned from my job in the government because I fundamentally disagree with the decision. The Australian government should not be involved in censoring personal blog posts. Public servants should be able to criticize private companies, including the big tech companies. There is no conflict of interest. Freedom of speech is fundamental…

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