COVID-19 — Everything And Nothing. Brilliant report smashing the fake science behind Covid-19.

Freedom Of Speech

by Iain Davis via

COVID-19 is the respiratory disease that some patients suffer following infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The question is how many?

A disease can be clearly defined. It has a specific cause, a defined set of symptoms and observable physical effects. Scientific evidence indicates that there is a novel viral respiratory disease called COVID-19. The problem is that we have no idea how many people are affected by it.

Office of National Statistics figures show thatjust 9% of peoplewho were said to have died from COVID-19 had no other underlying health condition. Similar figures have been reported by other nations, including Italy and the U.S. These are the minority of people whose deaths can be most clearly attributed to COVID-19. For the remaining, significant majority the evidence that they diedofCOVID-19 is far less certain.

Mortality caused by COVID-19 seems to beprimarily…

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