How to avoid polarised arguments online


What has happened to our ability to debate? We’re used to the idea that a grown-up debate has a ‘for’ and ‘against’ position. That there’s usually a ‘wrong’ and a ‘right’ position to take when it comes to debating. But does this binary, polarised approach have to be applied to every real-world scenario, every discussion and every interaction on social media?

In the age of social media, even a cursory glance at Twitter, Facebook or YouTube etc. will reveal large groups of people, shouting loudly at each other online about how their polarised opinion is far more correct/right/woke/real than their opponent’s. ‘If you think X, then you must be Y’ is the way people seem to approach this, and it’s dividing society into an increasingly fragmented and isolated network of clans – driving a giant digital wedge between us all.

So, how do we overcome this trend for taking the…

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