How the f**k did we sleepwalk to this point?

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These are things that are already in play or pretty close to it: COVID-19 monitoring apps, track and trace apps, ordering food from your table apps because you can’t order at the bar, the threat of having to have a COVID-19 pass on your smartphone otherwise it’s no admittance to anywhere…the list goes on and on.

You can see what’s going on can’t you? The technocratic f**kers – corporations and governments alike – in charge are making it impossible for us to have any kind of functioning life unless we own/rent a sodding smartphone. From just a few years ago of being a (possibly) nice to have luxury, they’re now a necessity if we want to just survive in this increasingly f**ked up, dystopian hellhole of a world.

We’re no Luddites but when we reach the point of having to own a piece of technology to be able to function…

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