Are we sleepwalking towards a 21st century form of totalitarianism?

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As lockdown gets eased off, from every angle we’re getting told we’re entering a ‘new normal’ and that we’ll have to accept and get used to it. We really don’t know why the powers that be use the term ‘new normal’ as given the profound changes that will be wreaked upon our lives, there’s nothing ‘normal’ about it. A future where you have to surrender personal data and accept what until recently would have been regarded as an unprecedented level of tracking and surveillance can only be described as an abnormal dystopia. This is why we use the term ‘new (ab)normal’ as it’s a considerably more accurate description of the kind of future we face if people don’t start to stand up and resist.

A new (ab)normal that feels like there’s no way of escaping from. From messaging on the radio, TV and online, to warning signage all over the…

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