GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)


From the week:

Ca;ofprmoa: Expects rotating power outages om record heat wave (Report) (Being green can’t be cool)

Geopolitics: The old and new fracture lines of Europe (Article)

Turkey: Tanks/Troops move to Greek border (Pursuing oil in Greek waters)

The Federal Reserve: Destroying the dollar in order to save it … (Article) (Recommended)

The war on elections: Surveillance camera shows huge piles of mail dumped in California parking lots (Article)

The pandemic: Lockdown is cover for greater government control? (Article)

Government: The Democrats are setting up a revolution? (Article)

Venezuela: Update (Article)

The pandemic: Were the lockdowns a mistake? (Article)

The economy: The stock market is detached from reality (Report) (Reflects the Fed instead?)

The government: Proposes collection of more biometric information (Report)

Los Angeles: Schools to reopen after the elections? (Report)

Science: Astronomical dark matter theory misbehaves (Report)

Politicians: Ignore…

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